Beginners Guide.

Although the vast array of products may at first seem daunting, electronic cigarettes can be simplified into three main components:


The Battery -  The smaller the battery - the more often it will need charging and the shorter it's lifespan


The Cartridge - These are used to hold the e-liquid and come in many forms (atomiser/cartomiser/clearomiser).


E-Liquid - The liquid that carries the flavour and nicotine (various strengths and flavours available)


So, although they range in size from a standard cigarette size to a medium cigar size - they all have the same basic components and each kit is tailored to suit the individuals requirements.


Cigarette sized kits are better suited to light smokers or for use when out and about, whereas larger kits are better suited to moderate/heavy smokers because of their higher capacity batteries and cartridges.


Many people use both types of kit - there are no hard and fast rules, but you will get the best results by using the kit which best meets your needs (the majority of people who initially buy a 'cigarette sized' kit, return to buy the larger kit soon after)


The Battery


Batteries come in various shapes, colours and sizes and their purpose is to provide the power that heats up our e-liquid, producing vapour.


There are 2 types of battery - Automatic (suck to activate) and Manual (Button press to activate) and whilst Automatic batteries are easier to use, Manual batteries are generally better and longer lasting.


The larger the battery, the longer it will run between charges and the longer the lifespan of the battery (batteries can be charged many times before requiring replacement)


The batteries capacity is referred to as the mAh - the larger the mAh, the longer the battery will run between charges (100mAh = roughly 1 hours use)


Some batteries have dual or variable voltages, which allow the user to increase or decrease the intensity of the vape (often referred to as 'Throat Hit')


Batteries are usually charged via USB charger, which are not supplied with the battery, unless the battery comes as part of a kit, so remember to add the correct charger to your order.


It's essential to keep the contacts on both the battery and charger clean and we recommend cleaning both with tissue paper or alcohol wipes at least once a week.


Tip - Never over-tighten batteries onto the charger - they only need to make contact to charge and over-tightening them will damage the battery.


The Cartridge or Liquid Carrier


Cartridges or liquid carriers come in many forms and you will see them referred to as:


Atomisers - These are usually used for testing flavours and hold 2-3 drops of e-liquid at a time. They are used in conjunction with a drip tip (mouthpiece for comfort)


Cartomisers - These usually have a wadding material inside which holds the e-liquid and have a much larger capacity (30 drops of e-liquid)


Clearomisers- Similar to a cartomiser, but without the wadding material and with a higher capacity again (up to 60 drops of e-liquid)


Tanks - The largest carrying capacity of all cartridges is 2ml.


Clearomisers and tanks often have replaceable atomiser heads inside them which can be purchased separately, making them generally the most economical long term solution.


Tip - Please remember that all the above are consumable items, which need to be replaced on a regular basis, so we recommend buying spares when you buy your initial kit



E-Liquid comes in many flavours and strengths.


Taste is very subjective and what one person loves another will hate, so we always recommend calling in to our shop and trying our taster bar until you find your preferred flavours.


Also, remember that your taste buds will change over the first few weeks and flavours you don't like initially could become favourites eventually,


E-liquids come in various strengths and we would usually recommend Medium Strength (18mg-20mg), for those using electronic cigarettes for the first time, unless you are an extremely light or heavy smoker.


The main ingredients of e-liquid are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Flavouring and Nicotine and all our ingredients are Pharmaceutical Grade.


All our e-liquids are complient with the TPD laws and carry important safety information and those containing nicotine are classed as Toxic and should always be stored safely and away from children and pets.



For safety and hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of e-liquid, so please ensure that you choose the correct flavour and strength at checkout



Keep it simple


It can seem very daunting at first, but it helps to keep it simple and then come back to explore the variety of flavours and options available once you've experienced vaping and can see for yourself the benefits compared with smoking.


   Buy a kit suitable for your needs

   Choose a few flavours

   Remember to add spares for consumable items

   Don't be confused - use the contact form or call us for help

   Enjoy your new kit and we'll see you again soon


Our best selling introductory kit is the Aspire Starter Kit (don't forget to add some e-liquid)