What is an Electronic Cigarette?


An electronic cigarette consists of a battery, cartridge and e-liquid. The battery provides the power to heat up the cartridge (containing a coil), which in turn provides the flavour and vapour to the user.


They are intended to be an alternative to smoking, providing the user with a controlled amount of nicotine (to satisfy the craving), whilst replicating the hand to mouth sensation of smoking.


They are not intended to be a quit smoking device and are not sold as such. If you require information on smoking cessation, please contact your GP or local smoking cessation clinic.


Whilst not yet proven to be 100% safe it is widely agreed that the use of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid pose far less risk to health than traditional cigarettes and far more economical (up to 70% cheaper than smoking).



What is E-Liquid?


E-Liquid has 4 main ingredients - Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and Food Flavourings.


The common misconception is that nicotine is the most harmful part of a traditional cigarette, when in fact there are more than 4,000 different chemicals and additives in a cigarette many of which are far more harmful than nicotine.


Nicotine is widely found in pharmaceutical products such as patches and gums, which are used with the intention of quitting smoking. The nicotine in e-liquid however is intended to satisfy the craving without the additional tar and chemicals that a cigarette has, whilst still allowing the user to enjoy the smoking sensation.


E-liquid comes in various strengths and as a general guideline we recommend that those smoking less than 10 cigarettes per day start with the lower strength, whilst 10-25 per day smokers start with medium strength and heavier smokers start with the high strength.


Flavours are very subjective and what one person loves another will hate, so we recommend trying flavours in the smallest sizes until you find your favourite.



Why doesn't my new battery work?


All of our batteries come with a factory charge in them, so they are ready for you to start using straight away.


Most of the Manual batteries that come with starter kits have a click on/off fucntion. This is often 3 or 5 clicks to switch it on or off, so make sure the battery is actually turned on.


When taking a puff of your electronic cigarette remember to hold the button down at the same time and release it when you have finished your inhale.



My battery shows that it is charged, but it is no longer working when I press the button, is it broken?


This is a common question that we are asked. When screwing a cartomiser or clearomiser onto a battery, it is very important not to over-tighten it, as this can cause the centre pin on the battery to be pushed down so that it no longer makes contact with the cartomiser or clearomiser on top.


When you then press the button to fire your battery, it appears that the battery isn't working as it is not firing the atomiser on top and therefore you do not get the vapor.



How much liquid should I use in a day?


This varies from person to person and to some extent the type of atomiser/cartomiser or clearomiser you are using. Average usage is 2ml-3ml per day.


When you first make the switch to vaping, it is quite normal to chain-vape as you discover the E-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths that you prefer. This usually settles down after a short period, if it doesn't then it is a good idea to use higher strength nicotine E-liquid to help satisfy your cravings.


Some clearomisers and cartomisers will consume e-liquid quicker than others as will using your battery at higher voltages.


Most moderate users find Medium Strength (18mg-20mg) e-liquid the best place to start.



Why is my Clearomiser/Tank/Mini Nova leaking?


Some condensation around the mouthpiece or in the battery connector is normal when using these types of devices, this can sometimes be mistaken for leakages.


When filling it is important not to get any juice down the centre tube, if you do this, blowing gently whilst holding a piece of tissue below the tank will remove any excess juice.


In the case of iclear 16 clearomisers, remember that the mouthpiece must also be gently screwed into place, failing to do this can cause juice to leak around the mouthpiece.


Some types of tanks have replaceable atomiser heads, please take care to screw in the new atomiser heads gently but fully when changing them as this can be another cause of leakages.